Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Interrupt This Broadcast... for blogINK

Greetings, YAckees (yes, I have christened you).  I'm Lady YAcker Sya of The Mountains of Instead (aka Splendibird for those in the know, which I understand is totally self-aggrandizing and care NOT  A JOT)  and I'm here to hi-jack this YAck spot for my own nefarious purposes.

I've recently made it to the final of blogINK, a contest run by YA publisher Mira Ink to find an in house blogger.  I would very much like that job.  Apart from anything, I could build book forts for WORK.  This is not, as far as I am aware, part of the job description but who could possibly be averse to a book fort?  Hmmm?  Not you YAckees, I am certain.

Round one of said contest involved writing words.  That was fine - words I can DO.  However, round two has consisted of SPEAKING words.  On a VLOG.  Which I have done, explaining that I should be the voice of Mira Ink because a) I can build very good book forts and b) my book recommendations can actually blow your mind. 

Round two also, rather vitally, involves a ten day social media campaign in which I need EVERYONE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE to check out my vlog on YouTube, The Mountains of Instead, Tumblr and wherever else I can think to put it (perhaps if I mention the forthcoming Royal spawn enough, I can get it on the BBC - who knows) and comment, like, share, re-tweet, re-blog (please, please, please and then let me know as I have to provide EVIDENTIAL PROOF) and then tell all of your friends and make them do the same.

If you do this, I will think kindly on you forever more.  The vlog itself is below and you can follow the campaign by following me on Twitter and joining the fledgling Team Splendibird.  If you are a true YAckee, your course should now be set.

So HERE IT IS.  It's 60 seconds long and right at the end (because I know how to hook y'all) is a real life, actual BOOK FORT.  IN. MY. HOUSE.

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