Monday, September 24, 2012


This month, thanks to the fine pickings of yours truly, we will be YAcking Ilsa Bick's much-anticipated sequel to ASHES, SHADOWS, her post-apocalyptic trilogy that will rip your eyeballs out and feed them to you basted in a fine turkey gravy.

The book drops tomorrow and I'm giving away a copy courtesy of the publisher on my Bites site.  You know you want one.  Thing is you have to be a follower of this blog too in order to win.  Yeah, I'm shameless like that.  We need followers, especially trolls that'll incite drama because we all know THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE YOUR BLOG POPULAR.  So trolls especially.  You won't get extra points but you'll win a place in our cold, dead hearts.

So follow our YAckers blog, help us meet our llama with the drama quota and get a chance to win what's sure to be an epic book in the process.  You'll be thanked with our giddiness at receiving poorly spell-checked incendiary comments on YAcked books we didn't like.  Your donations will go miles, I assure you.

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