Friday, January 11, 2013

YABBAS for the YAckers

We hope you enjoyed the short break.  We have now reached the section of our awards ceremony dedicated to the people that MAKE IT HAPPEN.  That is, the Lady YAckers.  That is, US. Despite there being only 11 of us (looking for a 12th, a Man-Boy, preferably - email your applications, fellas!) we have a surprising amount of categories.  You have been warned....


One of the founders of the YAckdom, Laura is also the most likely to make us spit wine all over our keyboards.  Special mention goes to Donna - it has a closely run battle.


Because apparently, she does.

Sya:  There are no words.  See what I did there?  Hmmmm?

We are little in number, and littler in the good sense God gave us.  Luckily, we have:

Melissa and Janice and Holly

Who make up for the rest of us. Somewhat.

Melissa: OMG, it shows that I'm 40 and incredibly practical. Keep calm and watch Richard Armitage movies. Kisses to you all.

Really?! I hope there's a plaque for this award that I can wave in front of my husband's face after certain discussions. Vindicated at last! Thank you all. I would like to tip my hat to my fellow winners. And a *high five* to my unsensible siblings - a lifetime of being responsible for you two has clearly given me the patience and wherewithal needed to win this coveted trophy.

The next few awards have all been won by the same person.  One winner to rule them all and by her crazy bind them, if you may.


She's kind of sweary, but to win this award she must be REALLY sweary, because we pretty much all curse like sailors round these parts.

Donna:  Yippee Kay Aye, Motherfucker! Thank fuck-a-diddly you!


Sometimes it's hard to tell if she means anything, anything AT ALL.  But we love that about her.  Really.

Donna: Oh hooray. Thanks so much. O_o

And once again, heeeeeeeeere's Donna!

Donna:   I'll spare you my rantitude on [gunsabortionwhitewashingrepublicansdemocratscatsdogsarmadillosbaddriversstupidpeople] and just say thank you.

NB - it should be noted that Donna voted for herself in each of these categories.

This was close, but the YAcker most likely to ask (which here means force) others (which here means Donna) to read 50 Shades of Grey is...


By merit of the fact that she took the argument out of the hypothetical and ensured that Donna now owns a copy of a tome which I am sure she now treasures.

We are YAcks of little brain and are easily distracted during the serious process of YAcking.  This happens often enough that we felt the need to recognise it here and so:

Goes to Nicole and Donna

Nicole: I am irrationally proud of this. I am not sure whether to promise to continue or promise to start. It will inevitably happen anyway. You're welcome

Donna: OMG thank you! This reminds me of a time back when I was, like, younger when I found out I was I could, like, totally ramble and I was surrounded by all these people and then poof! Johnny Depp showed up and he wasn't wearing guy liner and I'm all like dude, good call. What the hell was I talking about? Was there an aardvark in there?

Laugh if you must, but really Donna's acceptance speech is frighteningly familiar to all of us.  And because of THAT we also need THIS:


Who hooks us all back in when we've been talking about guy liner and lambs and Robin Hood for two hours.

Melissa: It's really all about my curves. (Geometry humor. Sorry.)

Often, our tangents are headed one way and one way only.  And it required an award, for tenacity if nothing else.

While special mention must go to Angie and Laura, who were a mere vote behind, this award can only go to:


Who once even sourced a Richard Armitage CROSS-STITCH for a fellow YAck.

Sya:  You're welcome.

Finally, we have our greatest honours to bestow.  Firstly we are delighted to announce that:

 And we have not one, but two Queens of the YAckdom:

Laura and Sya

It should be noted that Laura and Sya were close competitors not only in this category but also in the arena of 50 Shades and Richard Armitage.  Coincidence?  You decide.

Laura: I've decided that my acceptance speech for all awards is that you all evidently want something from me and that's why you're kissing up. I wish you'd just go ahead and be out with it already. It's just to fishy, all this love. I'm on to you.

Sya: I'd like to thank the Academy, my fellow YAckers, my family and my Close Personal Friend, Richard, for helping me reach the dizzy heights I have achieved here to day.  May Thorin be with you.

And last but by NO MEANS least:

Each year, we have the power to grant one special person the KEYS TO THE YAckDOM.  There are many we could have chosen from, a blogger whom we all admire, an author who gave us pause for thoughts in our YAcks, a international figure of inspiration.  Well, we went for the latter and are delighted to grant the Keys to:

Did you REALLY expect anyone else?  Welcome King YAck.  It's an odd set up, what with two Queens and all, but we'll deal.

And that's it.  The glitz and glamour is over for this year - but we'll be back next year to do it all over again!

Thank you, and good night!


  1. I adore all you ladies. You make Facebook worthwhile. *throws confetti*

  2. "it should be noted that Donna voted for herself in each of these categories." --- haha, I believe this.

  3. You should believe it as it is entirely true.

  4. It is. Truly. I am well aware I blatantly throw my English degree out the window for gutter talk. I'm okay with it.